Anti static spray

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Eliminate static cling with Static Guard Sprays. Get Static Elecrticity Under Control. DO NOT spray directly on energized equipment. Preparation Instructions: Clothing- To prevent bunching and clinging of garments.

Counteracts electrostatic charges that might attract dust or cause static cling. Om lang plezier van uw meubels te hebben is het juiste onderhoud van groot belang.

Producten voor het verzorgen en reinigen van lederen, houten en textiele . Shop for Antistatic Sprays at Grainger. Log-in or register to view your pricing. Protects electrical equipment by preventing static build-up.

Stops the attraction of airborne dust. For use on television screens, monitors, cabinets and . ASA is Specially developed for use in areas where static . It has been specifically developed for use in areas . STATICIDE Prevents dust and dirt build up caused by static charges. Verdrijft statische elektriciteit door het verlaten van kleine metalen deeltjes . Textile Anti Static 5ml spray.

Perfect for Carpet, Car Seats or ANYWHERE Static Causes Problems! Spray on walls, tables, totes or trays.