Concrete seating

Curved or straight landscape features, polished or matt finish, UK made. City Silver Grey and Charcoal to match Metrolinia concrete block paving. Landscape seating: Outdoor concrete seating construction tips, design considerations, how to include lighting, and more.

Amongst various materials that can be used for various seating arrangements, concrete seating options can be quite interesting, and they offer unique benefits. Cover frame adjusting units are reinforced 65mm deep units which can be used in place of engineering bricks to adjust the ductile or cast iron covers and . For concrete stadiums, Southern Bleacher provides plank-on-concrete seating, durable metal benches, mounted to concrete and fitted with optional backrests. Material – Resin based polyconcrete.

Dimensions – as indicated on drawing above. Available variations – None Finish options – Silk screening, embossing . Manufactured from standard grey pre-cast concrete. PIN Outdoor firepit and concrete bench, outdoor seating, built in seating, seat wall.

For many years, Benzini has been working closely with commercial landscapers in manufacturing customised outdoor seating. As we offer the service of mould . Our concrete seating range combines aesthetics and functionality of contemporary design, allowing you to experiment with numerous configurations of its blocks . Sturdisteel offers four different seating models for aluminum seating on concrete – for use in all types of new and existing facilities. At Specialty Precast we provide concrete seating for stadiums in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Find out more about our concrete seating experience. Seating walls make the patio space even more . Durable quality great for arenas, theaters, gymnasiums, ballparks and more. Concrete stadium seating risers. Elementale is an inspired range of concrete-based versatile streetscape elements to.

The scope is extensive, ranging from comfortable seating and planter . We are currently manufacturing bespoke precast concrete seating units for the . Precast concrete seating plats are commonly used for grandstand and in stadiums and are efficient and cost effective with no propping or formwork required. Blankets may be brought in for hill seating. Chairs available for rent on some shows. No weapons of any kind may be brought into the park including knives of . Plastic seat modules and wood bleachers can be mounted to concrete risers for. Monoscape products are produced in high quality precast concrete.

Extremely durable and can withstand the rigours of modern environments. Timberplay have created new fibre glass concrete sitting rocks that can.