Fumigation certificate

International Shipping form the USA: FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE IN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING of seafreight by U. So fumigation certificate is issued by the fumigator by obtaining . This is to certify that the timber described below was treated in accordance with AQIS requirements.

A fumigation certificate is as important as all other documents and must be in good order before the shipment leaves its origin. Find out what the new fumigation requirements mean for those. The goods described below were treated in accordance with the fumigation . AFAS – METHYL BROMIDE FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE.

Target of fumigation: Commodity. Certificate number: AEI: TARGET OF FUMIGATION DETAILS. Learn more about this form with the details below. A cargo exported without proper treatment to the wood and without fumigation certificate, can cause problems to the importer (customer) to . Use our fumigation and pest management services to protect your grain.

FDNY certifies companies for Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging. Depending on the destination of the cargo and whether it contains . Examples of export license certificates include those issued by the. Looking for the definition of FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE?

Translations for FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE in the PONS Online French English Dictionary: fumigation, faire des fumigations. The CBP demands, that wood products and wooden packaging are disinfected. First aid and medical treatment instructions. Statement of vessel suitability for fumigation and fumigant application . As plywood does not require fumigation, we have not fumigated it. But custom at Spain held the consignment for fumigation certificate.

Chan sent all relevant documents together with the fumigation certificate to the corresponding department of the Chinese government for approval . The fumigation certificate must contain the following information: 1- Name of the company that performed the fumigation treatment 2- Name and . Without the correct certificates and packaging materials . Consignments packed in Wooden . I have to send some shutter board to Namibia. The description of the item and serial number must match. Fumapest fumigation certificate is .