Ispm 15 regulations

Application and use of the mark. Treatment and marking requirements for wood packaging . International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No.

Australia held out for approximately one year . Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade. Zendingen met verpakkingshout dat is behandeld conform ISPM hebben geen (fytosanitair) certificaat of plantenpaspoort nodig. Please see the ISPM FAQ and the explanatory document for ISPM 15.

Overview of ISPM-Requirements for the Wood Packaging Industry. Solid wood packaging must meet the ISPMinternational standards (PDF, 1KB) if you import it from outside the EU. ISPM is an international standard for wood packaging. Many countries have put quarantine regulations in place to protect their native. Cargo Handling Specialists will provide the necessary service to ensure that the cargo for export is fumigated and certified to meet ISPM standards.

Import regulations for packaging containers made from solid wood – IPPC standard. The following products are not subject to USDA regulation: Plywood . If you are shipping overseas, it is imperative that . Description of the ISPMregulations needed to export abroad.

This action gives exporters a . ISPMrecommends that countries need not impose regulations on . Find out how Rentokil can help your business comply with ISPMrequirements. IPPC and have adopted ISPM-regulations to maintain international obligations. We can meet any export requirements.

Compliance with ISPM-for wood packaging materials allows for two treatment options:. For any company that exports goods around the worl it is essential that any wood packaging you use complies with ISPMregulations. Educate yourself and see how we can help you to ensure your items . Steeds meer landen stellen verplicht dat aan de ISPM eis wordt voldaan.

Wat betekent dit nu precies voor het gebruik van pallets? ISPM regulations are very strict, and ignoring them could have serious consequences. Numerous countries have implemented the ISPM-regulation, which requires solid wood packaging material to be . In Canada, all non-manufactured WPM used in international trade must be compliant with ISPM 15. It is prohibited to import or move untreate .