Trodat 2910

Tekst + Datum Tekstplaat 1x . Plastic frame with metal core . Einfaches Weiterdrehen der Bänder mittels Antriebsräder.

These lightweight but strong daters for use with stamp pads have fabricated steel textplates and plastic bodies. Press the red button and the textplate flips open, . Stamps, that truly deserve the name evergreens are the products in the Classic Line Series. Has the year band become outdated?

Just replace the year bands with a. Trodat Marking Canada 9views. Pas uw stempel online aan of kies uit een breed as. Bestel uw stempel met uw eigen ontwerp, tekststempels, datumstempels, afbeeldingstempels en tekstplaatjes. Individuell gestalten oder von Vorlage schnelle. Free delivery on eligible orders.

There are numerous models and sizes. Whether date, number, text, or time stamps, traditional users can find the . Customize your stamp online or choos.

Date is wheel adjuste no stylus . Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Datario manuale con piastra 54xmm. Usare con un cuscinetto per timbri supplementare . We ship all over North America!

Requires separate stamp pad (sold separately). Include phrases : PAI RECEIVE FAXED and . Alternativa economica agli autoinchiostranti. PRODUCT CODE, MAXIMUM DIE SIZE, PRICE 1- PRICE 3- SPARE PAD.

Si quieres comprar Sellos Fechadores TRODAT aquí encontrarás todos los modelos. Designed for Industrial to heavy business use. Numaratör : Yerli Saplı Numaratör. Rozmiar płytki tekstowej: Ø mm. Obudowa plastikowa ze stalowym stelażem.

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